The Chamber Music Kelowna Society’s purpose is to provide the community, adults and students, with cultural opportunities to experience classical chamber music in an intimate setting.

Artistic Vision

1. Organize an annual concert series which includes a minimum of five concerts.  This concert series will be organized based on the following principles:

a. To strive to raise the professional standards of the ensembles.

b. To engage provincial, national and international artists at competitive and comparable rates,

c. To endeavour to increase student and adult attendance.

d. To increase music appreciation and development within the community.

2. Actively encourage youth outreach programs.  The Chamber Music Kelowna Society strives to nurture a creative environment that will encourage young Canadian musicians and composers to develop and hone their skills, as well as further their exposure to the cultural scene of British Columbia, the rest of Canada and internationally.  The youth outreach program will be organized based upon the following principles:

a. Present music in a school venue with opportunities to reach more students.

b. Create and provide scholarships based upon talent and /or need.

c. Organize concerts involving young aspiring musicians.

d. Organize master classes for music students within the Okanagan region.

3. Provide opportunities that support emerging artists and Canadian composers by showcasing their works as well as introducing audiences to new and contemporary as well as classical works.